At Tecexsa, we provide solutions, so the R+D+i activity we carry out is an intrinsic part of our company philosophy. 

As part of the Egile Group, one of the great Industrial Groups in the Basque Country, and within the framework of a competitiveness strategy, our goal is to be pioneers in meeting the different needs that our clients may have. 

We want to go one step further in applying technology to its full extent, from the product to management, including training our staff and the resources we have.

Additionally, ongoing collaboration with different entities and universities allows us to make daily progress in product improvements. Just like how belonging to Egile Group makes it easier for us to access new ways of understanding and doing things, which clearly results in benefits for our environment and our clients.

All of this means we were able to develop new programmes of our own, as well as new technologies, both for products and for materials. The simulation programme we developed, the products launched on the market (DESALFLOAT and CLEARFLOAT) and the improvements applied in our ASR by using new materials, are just a few of the innovations that have helped us to adapt in step with our clients’ needs.