Better than any word could, our history expresses who we are: a company that challenges what it knows, to make what’s needed possible.

Tecexsa was founded in 1967, and today it has over 200 implementations as references of success. These projects speak for us: leaders in technology and knowledge in the fields of water desalination and physicochemical treatment.

Since 2013, we have been a part of Egile Group, an industrial and technological group which offers specialized products and services in the High Precision Mechanics field, and provides us with unique technological and business capacities in our sector.

Our history of learning and commitment to the best solutions also explains how that first plant grew into an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), at the cutting edge of technology, the business partner that our clients need.

Our raison d’être comes from the demand for water treatment products and services in the paper sector. We are the first Spanish company that designed, manufactured and installed DAF technology (Dissolve Air Flotation) for proper physicochemical water treatment. This situated us at the forefront of innovations at the time, and shaped how to do things, based on knowledge and a search for the best solutions: if they don’t exist, we should create them.

This is what happened, for example, in 1993, when we incorporated the revolutionary pressurisation system, ASR, which – in contrast with previous equipment- guaranteed better service and results in the most demanding activity segments. Already at this time, we had added both industrial and supply or process projects to our client network.

And we continue to move forward, developing our company based on innovation, with new dissolved air flotation systems, once again changing how we solve problems: we made the time that the micro-bubble remains in an aqueous fluid the essential part of treatment, reaching suspended solid concentrations in the solid/water separation (many times without chemical additives) that provide optimum process results, both in using the extracted product and in dumping rating.

Our technological commitment, aimed at providing the best solutions to our clients, means that we can tackle not only the Spanish domestic market, but also project our company internationally.