By means of regular inspections, Tecexsa checks the vital points of the equipment to find any possible faults, improvements or optimisations in their performance. We issue reports and guarantees. We adapt to the client's needs, with the option of monthly or quarterly visits, etc.


We offer our clients the chance to immediately intervene in the operation process of the machinery to be repaired, adjusted, verified or improved as regards the specific performance of the Tecexsa equipment, applying the necessary corrective measures to ensure optimum functioning.
Training in safety, rules of use and maintenance of the equipment is essential, and this is why we offer personalised programmes, courses on handling and operating the equipment, etc. aimed at the professionals entrusted with the daily running of the facilities and their managers.


There is nobody better than the Tecexsa professionals to recommend original accessories, spare parts or consumables for the equipment, if and when necessary. We also offer a free analysis to update obsolete installations and adapt them to increasingly more stringent requirements as regards dumping, etc.